Awakened Ones

We have been given so much propaganda about other countries its simply become easier to believe whats repeated day after day, year after year, rather than seek out out the real truth.


Well like Christianity, every religion has it’s dividing factor. Where we groups like the Mormons or the Klu Klux Klan who call themselves Christians, the Middle East Has the Taliban who people classify as Islam or Muslim.


First of all, and I’ve shared the information, the Al Qaeda (al-Qaida) does not exist as we know it. Its an American C.I.A. invention and Bin Laden was trained to be its front runner. Whether or not it had any old affiliation to Russia is irrelevant because its our government who controls it’s alleged existence now.


There is much more fear mongering and manipulation of our thinking than even we “awakened ones” are aware of. I mean we have proclaimed godly groups of all kinds in our own nation who do far worse things to people than anything we hear about the “terrorists”


<photo id=”1″ />


Whatever actions they have committed against us, we drew first blood. They are defending themselves against us. They do not hate us for our freedoms, they believe we support the actions of our military in the brutal murdering of their people. We are stealing their resources, paying for it, and calling that freedom, but what we are is a nation of submissive slaves.


Those of us who do not comply and become a bigger threat beyond social networking are silenced. That being said. People like Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and others, or groups like the one calling themselves Anonymous, who may or may not have a genuine heart for the people, are all under control of the elite masters, or are masters themselves …


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They exist to create a balanced chaos. A more controllable fear factor. They convince us that someone else is out there fighting for us so we do nothing but sit on our asses and bitch about everything. Kind of like what the Jedi would represent.


This is why we see other countries fighting back against their own governments, and even against our military forces, but we sit on the fence and do nothing but stare into our tv’s and devices, go to work, play taxes, student loans and buy gas with money that all goes back into the system to continue paying them to conduct their wars, poison our bodies and keep us subdued …


But don’t get me started on the comparison of Star Wars to our current reality …

The picture is an insert from “Silent No More” written by Paul Findley in 2003. I’m, not claiming its entirely accurate to the whole truth, but there is vitally imperative debunking information in this book that you will never get from the media.


<photo id=”2″ />

I’ve said it again and again. The Illuminati do not hide the truth from us, that would be impossible. They merely do everything they can to distract us from it. I highly suggest going to local and college libraries and finding the books I have mentioned recently, and even look at other material involving these topics. You will be surprised what you learn that won’t even find on the internet …


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