System Of “Freedom”

The Constitution was a Trojan Horse and you half awake sheep keep right on indulging it. Calling our rights “Constitutional” … Our rights are not something a government document gives us. Our rights are natural and God given. 


… We are NOT free!!! Its a piece of paper written by a government who changed the game rules after enslaving and massacring two races!. We either defend and protect our own rights or we don’t deserve to have them!


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The flag represents the government tyranny, not me! The 13 stripes represent 13 states all owned by the 13 wealthy elite families. Im a Patriot for God not any of man’s devices or inventions.


Our “Founders” were the same government that enslaved and massacred two races of people then decided to change the game rules and deceive us into believing we could be a “free” country. The Constitution was a Trojan Horse!!!


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While you’re busy defending a flag that represents our enemy, a constitution written by our enemy, and a country created by our enemy I will be defending myself and loved ones … as is my God given natural right that existed before there was ever a bewitching document designed to lure us in and entrap us. People like you have made that work perfectly!


The constitution no more gives us any rights than guns kill people, nor does it protect them, thereby if the constitution is completely done away with our rights will still exist, but only if we earn them! Rights are not gifts from government …


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Stop playing into their hands! Defend yourselves and family and friends. Stop worrying about sheets of paper, flags that represent the government and quit bitching about the puppets in D.C.


Impeaching a man who is only a puppet on strings? They will put in and pull out any “dick” they want up our ass until we stop them …


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Oh you say you sign petitions, make phone calls, write letters, walk in a line holding signs? How’s that going for ya? Anything changed yet?


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Oh so you vote too? I’m so sorry, you lose. We need workers and warriors not people who trust the system with blind ignorance who are incapable of thinking for themselves …


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The last few presidents have been puppets. Reagan and Bush Sr. were puppet masters and high ranking Freemasons …


They’re all inbreeds of the Monarchy/Egyptian Illuminati. Bush Jr. is the Queens son. NONE of them are “elected” into office. I quit voting after Ross Perot because I realized that all these people care about is their warmongering and making us suffer.


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I was too young and unaware at the time when Bush Sr. mentioned the New World Order to realize what that meant. 


The country should have caught on after JFK was assassinated for revealing the truth about government agenda. They should have caught on when Eugene V. Debs, the leader of the war protests before WW2 was assassinated …


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We should have caught on when the same government who had just spent hundreds of years enslaving and massacring other races suddenly changed the game face and decided to lure us in with a sheet of paper that basically says “these are your rights and we are giving them to you, governing them, and changing them around at our own convenience”


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Our rights and freedom to live, freedom of speech, right to bear arms were pre-ordained by God before someone decided to take His place and tell us what we are allowed …


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We don’t have Constitutional rights, unless you want your rights regulated by government … we have natural born rights given by God, and never needed a government document to tell us we are “free.”


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